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Collaborating with coastal communities to learn ocean conservation act

The health of our oceans is a growing concern for all of us. Year after year, we've seen the impact of a changing environment on marine life, affecting many lives of others. From food we eat each day, to health problem that occurs.


It's a critical issue, but one we can address together. We at The Only One Ocean Corp dedicated to ocean restoration. Imagine oceans thriving once more, teeming with life - a powerful symbol of what's possible when we work as one.

It’s time to become the wave of change!

Diver int he Reef


Preserve Our Ocean, Empower Our Future

"In the vast blue depths of our planet's oceans lie the heartbeats of Earth's climate, the nurseries of marine biodiversity, and the livelihoods of billions. Yet, amidst their waves, a crisis unfolds—largely unseen by the eyes of those who depend on them the most. At The Only One Ocean Corp, our mission transcends the mere act of conservation. We are committed to enlightenment and empowerment, especially of women on the frontlines of ocean health, fostering community stewardship to ensure a sustainable future for our oceans and the communities that cherish them. By centering local experience and indigenous knowledge, we strive to build durable partnerships, reduce "parachute conservation," and create equitable strategies to address climate change and biodiversity loss. Together, we can safeguard the treasures of our oceans for generations to come."

Jordan XU, the founder of The Only One Ocean Corp. a non-profit organization to tackle the climate change on the ocean

Jordan Y. Xu

Founder The Only One Ocean Corp.


In third-world countries, the luxury of understanding the importance of ocean conservation is often overshadowed by the immediate needs of daily survival. Lack of knowledge on sustainable fishing and waste management harms marine life and, in turn, people's well-being. Your donation can empower these communities, particularly women who are often the backbone of coastal economies. By supporting our efforts, you'll help us educate and equip women to become stewards of the ocean, ensuring a healthy future for themselves, their families, and the incredible ecosystems they call home.

A Map of Our Ocean Conservation Efforts So Far...

SDGs Logo

Community Stewardship for a Sustainable Sea

The Only One Ocean understands that a healthy ocean depends on healthy communities. This forward-thinking organization champions the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by empowering coastal communities to become active stewards of our seas. Through initiatives that empower women to support fishermen's livelihood, educate communities on the connection between people to the sea, and preserving lives of marine species, The Only One Ocean equips communities with the knowledge and resources they need to protect the ocean, ensuring a thriving future for both people and planet.

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SDGs No. 8
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SDGs No. 17


The journey to a healthier ocean is filled with challenges, but it is one we can navigate together. By supporting The Only One Ocean Corp, you're not just donating to a cause; you're investing in a future where every individual, regardless of where they live, understands their impact on the ocean and has the tools to make a difference.

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