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Grant Program Overview

The Only One Ocean Corp is proud to announce its grant program, offering financial support to organizations, community groups, and researchers whose projects align with our mission of ocean conservation.

Our program aims to empower innovative and impactful initiatives that contribute to our core objectives:
Expanding public awareness about the vital role of oceans and the pressing challenges they face.
Equipping individuals and communities with knowledge and tools to adopt sustainable practices and conservation strategies.
Empowering communities in developing nations to actively participate in conservation efforts and implement sustainable practices.


Dedicated to empowering impactful ocean conservation efforts.

We encourage applications from passionate organizations and individuals who share our commitment to a healthy ocean. Together, let's build a more sustainable and knowledgeable future for our planet.

Eligibility Criteria

The Only One Ocean Corp grant program is open to:

  • Registered non-profit organizations, community groups, and research institutions.

  • Applicants with projects or initiatives directly relevant to ocean conservation, specifically focusing on:

    • Raising awareness about the importance of oceans and their current challenges.

    • Offering educational programs on sustainable practices and conservation strategies.

    • Engaging communities in developing nations in conservation efforts and fostering sustainable practices.

  • Applicants who demonstrate a clear and measurable positive impact on conservation efforts in developing nations.

  • Organizations that share The Only One Ocean Corp's commitment to community-driven sustainability and actively participating in conservation efforts.

How To Apply

Applicants are required to submit the following information as part of their grant application:

  • Organization Overview: A brief description of your organization, including mission, history, and previous projects.

  • Project Proposal: A detailed proposal that includes:

    •  Project Title and Summary: A concise overview of the project.

    • Objectives and Goals: Specific, measurable objectives that the project aims to achieve.

    • Alignment with Our Mission: An explanation of how your project aligns with The Only One Ocean Corp mission.

    • Implementation Plan: A step-by-step plan detailing how the project will be executed, including timelines, activities, and key personnel.

    • Budget: An itemized budget outlining how the grant funds will be used.

    • Impact Measurement: Methods for assessing the project’s impact on ocean conservation and community engagement.

  • Proof of Status: Documentation proving your organization's nonprofit status.

  • References or Endorsements: Letters of support from community leaders, industry experts, or other relevant stakeholders.

Prioritized Projects

The Only One Ocean Corp grant program prioritizes projects that exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Direct and Measurable Impact: Projects must demonstrably contribute to ocean conservation efforts, showcasing a clear improvement or positive change related to their specific goals.

  • Innovative Education and Engagement: The program seeks proposals that utilize creative and novel approaches to educate individuals and communities about ocean conservation, fostering engagement and participation.

  • Scalability and Replication Potential: Ideal projects have the potential to be expanded or replicated in other communities, allowing for broader impact and long-term solutions.

  • Sustainable Future: The program values proposals that demonstrate a clear plan for project sustainability beyond the initial grant funding, ensuring continued positive effects after the grant period.

Application Process

  1. Submission:

    • Create a Letter of Proposal (Project Proposal) as specified in the guidelines (see ‘How To Apply’)

    • Attach all required supporting documents as specified in the application guidelines.

  2. Review:

    • Applications will be thoroughly reviewed by The Only One Ocean Corp's Grant Committee.

    • The review process may involve requests for additional information or clarification, or even interviews with shortlisted applicants.

  3. Notification:

    • All applicants will receive notification regarding their application status within 60 days of the application deadline.

  4. Reporting:

    • Grant recipients will be required to submit both interim and final reports detailing project progress, achievements, and outcomes in accordance with the grant agreement.


The Grant Application process is currently closed. Stay tuned for the next Grant Application opening date.

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