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Sea Turtle's Hatchling Release
Bali, Indonesia

Our Oceans Are on the Brink, But Tiny Flippers Can Help!

They've navigated the seas for over 100 million years, but now, sea turtles – a cornerstone of healthy oceans – face extinction. Six out of the seven sea turtle species are classified as endangered or critically endangered. Pollution, habitat loss, and climate change are decimating their populations. This isn't just an environmental crisis; it's a threat to our own well-being.

But, Here's The Shocking Truth:
Their Existence Is Disappearing!

Imagine a future with empty beaches, silent coral reefs, and dwindling fish stocks. That's the reality we face if sea turtles disappear. Every year, millions of baby sea turtles hatch on beaches around the world. Their journey to the ocean is perilous. They face a gauntlet of predators – birds, crabs, and even raccoons – as they scramble towards the waves. Sadly, only a tiny fraction, often less than 1 in 1,000 hatchlings, will survive to adulthood. This low survival rate puts immense pressure on sea turtle populations. This disappearing generation of endangered sea turtles threatens the very fabric of our oceans.

Sea Turtle

Why you should care?

Many sea turtle species are now classified as endangered or critically endangered. Time is running out for these gentle giants. Sea turtles are more than just majestic creatures. Healthy sea turtle populations are vital to the health of our oceans. They act as ecosystem engineers, grazing on seagrass beds and keeping them healthy. Lush seagrass meadows provide vital nurseries for countless fish species we rely on for food, and they also help to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere through photosynthesis, respiration, calcification and dissolution. These processes recycle their nutrients efficiently and sequester huge amounts of carbon from dissolved carbon dioxide as carbonate - so that carbon stays within in the reef system and out of the ocean and atmosphere. In a very real way, saving sea turtles helps to combat climate change and protects the ocean's ecosystem we're depending on.

Without healthy sea turtle populations, our oceans become barren wastelands. Fish disappear, coral reefs crumble, and the delicate balance of marine life collapses. This impacts coastal communities that depend on fishing and tourism, and ultimately, threatens our own food security.

There is hope!

This is where you and your donation can make a real difference! By supporting our sea turtle hatchling release program, you'll be helping these vulnerable creatures reach their ocean home safely. We carefully monitor nests and bring those hatchlings to the sea and release them to ensure they reach their ecosystem. This critical head start dramatically increases their chances of survival. Your donation is a lifeline: Every dollar you contribute goes directly to protecting these amazing creatures. For every $10 you donate, you contribute to a hatchling that will go to the ocean. Imagine the impact – thousands of hatchlings reaching the ocean, growing into healthy adults, and restoring balance to our oceans.

By the end of 2024, we planned to collect and save the turtle's egg from human consumption and release another 1,000 hatchling for a better ocean. Let's be the wave of change!

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